I am the product of a happy, loving couple. My parents, for as long as they have known each other, have been best friends. I grew up in a home that was filled with their love for each other and their love for their children.

As a child in this household I was not always aware of the behind the scenes work my parents were doing to maintain their relationship. I am newly wed and I am learning that marriage is a cultivated partnership that needs regular maintenance. A marriage is not something that blessedly occurs, a marriage requires enduring commitment and care.

The series Becoming We is an examination of my relationship with my husband, an intersection of our individual lives and a consideration of where our lives merge to become one. The photographs of this personal union represent the universal truths of any relationship: love, friendship, disagreement, misunderstanding, trust and mortality. I also reflect on my choice not to become a mother which at times seems irrational after having been given such strong examples on which to base my potential motherhood.


TrustVulnerabilityGreat ExpectationsIndependence IntimacyWhen We DisagreeWhite DressProvideSustainTime Will Lose UsNestingOptions

The images in this series are hand-made ziatypes on salted gelatin paper. This technique, which is derivative of historic photographic processes, is seen here in a contemporary context. The softness of each unique print complements the suggestive photographic narratives found within the series.