Summer Sale!

Summer Sale: June 19th – August 31st 2015


Summer is almost upon us, the world feels alive and each year I find myself more grounded during this time. It is the season of my birth which may be why I am refreshed and ready for what ever life hands me during these sunny and steamy months.To celebrate the arrival of summer I am offering a small selection of my original, hand-made, photographic works for sale. Starting June 19th and running until August 31st selections from my Meditations On Being A Phoenix series will be available in smaller formats at a reduced price. 8×10″ pieces are priced at $200 and 11×14″ pieces are priced at $400. There is only one print available in each of these sizes and I will not create the work again in this format so you will be purchasing a truly one-of-a-kind work.


The works are still available in their original format as 20×24″ archival pigment prints with an encaustic and oil overlay, these sell for $1500 and are editioned in a series of 3 unique pieces.